Tarot Card Readings by Professional Tarot Card Reader Tilly Tarot.  Gifted Empath able to connect with people all over the world practising the art of Tarot Card Reading for over 20 Years.  Third Generation Psychic she has the ability to read the cards unlike any other Tarot Card Reader.  As featured in High Spirit Magazine, columnist for the World Tarot Magazine, work featured in the Tarot Annual Book and many other sources of professional work.  Begin your journey to find peace and clarity in your life for all areas today.  Love, Career, Money, Family, Marriage, Pet, Baby or any other part of your life.  Tilly will put together a reading to suit your needs.





As a professional Tarot Reader and writer for many National Magazines Tilly performs Genuine, Honest Tarot Reading's for anyone who wishes to know more about their lives.

I have been practising this ancient divination tool of Tarot since the age of eight and professionally from since I can remember with astounding results. Now I read the cards here online to help reveal what adventures lies ahead in your life.

 “So thank you so, so much for your words...I can't believe that they actually came true only a few days later!!   Thank you again Tilly (I really can't say `thank you enough xx)” (Susie) - Read More Feedback

I really wanted to incorporate my true beliefs and interests by helping people without charging the earth. By giving up a little time during the day to glimpse into the future at someone else's life is truly an insightful and rewarding experience that is like nothing else on earth. With now regular returning customers all over the world from New York to Australia, Japan, Spain I hope to make a positive difference to absolutely everyone that I connect with.

I wish to provide you with the most honest and open tarot reading that I can so you can plan for anything that comes along in your life. Thank you for reading this page about me and I look forward to connecting with you during the personal Tarot Reading.

Let me perform a Tarot Reading for you Today… whatever is on your mind, the Tarot will help guide you onto the right path.

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Professional Qualifications and Experience

Tilly Tarot is a Professional Member of;

Tarot Association of the British Isles, Spiritual Workers Association, Tarot Professionals - To see more go to my links page

Tilly is also an Ethical Certified Practitioner as certified by Indie Shaman

Intuitive, naturally gifted Tarot Card Reader.

Columnist for Tarot Publications.

Featured in Many National Magazines

Published Author on Tarot

Connect with me today.




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Tarot reading is an ancient form of divination used for centuries.  A personal Tarot Reading is something that not only a Psychic can perform but anyone who owns a pack of Tarot Cards.  Unlike the free Tarot reading websites available online Tilly Tarot performs for you a personal Tarot reading that is usually delivered within 24 hours and direct to your inbox making it personal, confidential, honest and accurate.  Tarot reading for any area is making sure the world and your life is balanced and finding the positivity in life again.  Love tarot reading, astrology tarot reading, psychic tarot reading, or live tarot reading through msn are all useful ways of finding out if you are on the right pathway in life.  Free love tarot reading may not be as accurate as a personal and indepth focus on you as a person and the life that surrounds you.  A Tarot reading focuses on all the energies that surround you in your life and in particular can enlighten you to all that is surrounding you, be it good or bad but never negative.  You can lift yourself out of a situation with a Tarot reading or learn to use your own intuition to become stronger in life.  From my own personal experience I overcame difficult times with the Tarot and from performing a tarot reading for myself since the age of eight I have found a natural bond to the cards and so now offer my Tarot reading services online through email and msn.  Everyone has their own view on Tarot reading but to you personally a Tarot reading should remain open to change and not be set in stone.  A Tarot reading is an ancient for of counselling going back to the Egyptian times where may sought refuge in the advice the tarot cards brought them.  Choose a Tarot reading from Tilly Tarot today to reveal what lies ahead and recall psychic intuition that you may have encountered in your life.  Available now to order are love tarot reading, work tarot reading, family tarot reading, animal tarot reading, baby tarot reading, life tarot reading, personal tarot reading, marriage tarot reading, seasonal tarot reading, valentine tarot reading, christmas tarot reading, halloween tarot reading,money tarot reading, pet tarot reading, psychic tarot reading, tarot reading for all your questions in the general section, gift tarot reading vouchers for your friends, msn tarot reading, spirit guide tarot reading and so many other tarot readings. Find a Tarot reading on Tarot reading Facebook, Tarot reading Twitter, Tarot reading MySpace, Tarot reading MSN or Tarot reading RSS.